At Kindle, I lead the design team responsible for the core experiences in Amazon’s top-rated reading apps for iOS, Android and Fire tablet, as well as the award-winning e-reader devices. Next time you’re in a coffee shop, on a bus, or in a plane, look around and you’ll surely see someone using something we designed.


At LearnVest, I led user experience efforts across products and platforms (including client facing software, real-world service delivery, and internal tools) - work that contributed to the company's $250m+ acquisition by a major insurance provider. 



Financial Profile
Great financial plans start with great data. I helped create a new "financial profile," guiding clients through the submission of detailed financial information.

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Planner Interface
A new approach to financial planner requires new ways for financial planners to review client data and create a financial plan. I helped set the strategy, and in the process the way we develop financial advice.

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"Progress Board" Premium Dashboard
We needed an experience that would retain premium users and help them makes progress against their financial goals. I created the Progress Board to do just that.

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Foundational Client Experience Research
I advocated for, planned, and helped lead a deep-dive research project to set the direction of Learnvest's next-generation client experience.

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Client Summary
We needed a way for clients to view a holistic picture of their finances at the end of piecemeal data entry. I helped define and drive the team rapidly to an MVP to test our assumptions. 

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At Thomson Reuters, I was the first staff-level hire on the design team for the "Reuters Next" initiative, an attempt to completely reimagine and rebuild Reuter's consumer-facing news products.


Reuters Next Website
What does a news site look like when it abandons exclusive "verticals" for flexible streams, and privileges the consumption experience over traditional ad units? I helped Reuters answer those questions and more. 

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Reuters for iOS
Mixing hundreds of human-curated and completely-automated content streams with detailed market data and specialized search tools, I helped create iPhone and iPad apps that were featured as "Editor's Choice" in the app store. 

Next CMS
When news is displayed in dynamic layouts in multiple contexts, handled by multiple editors, it requires a special kind of CMS. I helped provide UX guidance and did some UI design to boot. 


At Urbanscale, I helped ideate and design technologies and services for more livable cities.


Urbanflow Demo
Working on an RFP from the City of Chicago, I helped build a proof-of-concept for a touch-based information kiosk for bus shelters.

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I planned and facilitated a two-day urban design workshop for a major european bank.


In an attempt to forever banish manic arm-waving at busy outdoor events, I helped Uncommon Projects launch an easy friend-locating tool years before Apple.

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Bookish (Master's Thesis Project)
The outcome of a year-long exploration of the relationship between avid readers and the books they read, Bookish is a concept for the Amazon Kindle ecosystem that helps readers consider their reading in the larger context of their lives.

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