Marco Friend Finder

Where and When: iPhone, 2010
Client: Uncommon Projects
Result: Launched in App Store 


Marco is an iPhone app that makes it easy to find the exact location of a friend in a crowd, no umbrella-holding or frantic cell-phone waving required. We quickly realized that to be successful Marco would need to be significantly simpler than competing products, with no sign-up, and working regardless of whether the other person had the app installed or even owned an iPhone. We achieved this goal by sending location requests via SMS, and developing a mobile site that worked in any modern smartphone’s browser.

I served as UX Designer on Marco while working with Uncommon Projects in Brooklyn during the summer of 2010. In that capacity I simplified the flow of using the product to the smallest possible number of steps, developed wireframes for each possible screen and state, and reviewed rounds of visual design and development to ensure that the final product stayed true to the initial vision.

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