Reuters Next Web

Where and When: Consumer-facing Web, 2012-2013
Relevant Metric: Positive "halo effect" for Reuters professional products
Result: Launched preview site to broad acclaim


A little over a year and a half in the making, I was involved from the earliest stages in the ground-up redesign of Reuter's consumer news website (a project known as Reuters Next.) Driven by a mission to take advantage of the unique quantity and breadth of Reuter's content, we created a website that departed from a traditional "vertical" (World, Politics, Entertainment, etc) organization, and even traditional article pages, to present content in the context or contexts where it was most appropriate.

We successfully launched a preview site that included semantically-oriented dynamic page layouts which could be completely automated or partially to fully curated, allowed visitors to read articles within a real-time stream of related content, and privileged best-in-class reading experiences over all other considerations.

Additional Information

View example deliverable detailing dynamic presentation of content