AA Passport

Student Project, 2010

Passport is a service design project to increase airline passenger satisfaction by keeping them well informed at every step of their journey, even when things don’t go quite as expected. By leveraging existing information in the hands of airlines and airports and making it accessible to passengers in actionable chunks where and when they need it, we’re able to better set passenger expectations, creating a travel experience they’ll tell others about and come back to themselves.

We began by researching both user needs and business requirements, interviewing airline passengers about their travel experiences, visiting the airport, and reviewing industry structure and finances. We distilled our findings to develop a set of pain points and opportunities which informed our chosen approach. By acting out that prototype service experience, we were able to identify and mitigate unexpected sticking points.

Final deliverables included interview and industry research documentation, a stakeholder ecology, and service blueprints, artifacts, and walkthroughs.

Passport is a collaboration with Derek Chan and Katie Koch