Planner Interface

Where and When: Planner Tool, 2014
Metrics: Time to serve, planner satisfaction
Result: Significantly streamlined planning experience & an aquisition


When Learnvest undertook a major initiative to streamline the work of our financial planners (to reduce time-to-serve, increase planner satisfaction, and ensure a consistent and repeatable brand experience for clients) we recognized the need for an entirely new interface to accompany our planning algorithm. Working closely with the lead designer, I dove into the inner workings of the company's planning standards, lead working groups and research sessions with planners and subject matter experts, and engaged in discussions about the very nature of what the planning algorithm should do - ultimately culminating in an interface that helps planners rapidly create and deliver plans that balance client preference with fiduciary duty.

Ultimately, this work was a key factor in Learnvest's $250m+ acquisition by Northwestern Mutual this May.

Additional Information

Additional details available only in person due to proprietary nature of work.