Story View

Student Project, 2010

Borrowing a nostalgic and easily recognizable form, we update “viewers” to provide visitors access to short spoken-word stories and historical facts about the High Line and the surrounding city. As a visitor pans and tilts the viewer, they are able to listen to snippets of audio (either programmed by the High Line or left by other visitors) about the places and things at which the viewer is pointed. By aiming the viewer at a location and holding down the record button, the visitor is able to leave a story tied to that place for others to discover.

This five-week project began with a brief to “create a networked, mobile or interactive installation that enhances or extends the experience of the High Line” with a primary audience of smartphone-enabled 12-24 year olds. Our process started with a site visit and user interviews, discovering along the way that the mix of visitors to the High Line suggested a solution that wasn’t dependent on carrying a specific kind of smartphone. We presented five concepts, then developed a user journey and UI around the strongest one. We delivered a final presentation including our research findings and user journey to our peers, faculty members and industry professionals.

Story View is a collaboration with Colleen Miller and Evinn Quinn