World Build

Student Project, 2010

World Build is a product and service concept inspired by Architecture for Humanity, enabling two-way communication between communities with design, construction and development needs and those with the means to fulfill those needs, regardless of geography. It includes a system for soliciting and responding to requests for improvements to the built environment via SMS, and a web-based management site to support that service.

We began the project by interviewing stakeholders at Architecture for Humanity about their organization’s needs. We quickly learned that the bottom-up direction of their projects is at the core of their mission, but they lacked a structured system for broadly collecting and managing that input. World Build leverages SMS, the most prevalent communication technology in the world, as a gateway for increased community involvement, and a light-weight web-based management system, designed to be accessible over all but the slowest internet connections.

Deliverables included implementation suggestions, SMS scripts, service artifacts, a coded, click-through version of the management site, and a promotional video.

World Build is a collaboration with Colleen Miller